June 21, 2006

Big News! Hot Pictures!

Look at how pretty they all are!

This is just a short note to let everyone know a few exciting things:

Advance tickets are now on sale! Patrons can
order advance tickets by calling 416-967-1528 or you can order online
at www.fringetoronto.com

Sexy Pictures of the cast! First you will find our writer, co-producer, and Hippie Scientist, Mr Samuel Sutherland...

Next, we have the angelic voice and mad guitar skills of one Aaron Zorgel, as the Crazy Old Fisherman....

And last but certainly not least is the equally alluring and dance-tastic Mr Graham Losee, as The Grizzled New York City Cop....

Our fundraiser is coming up SOON!!! Check for updates about great music, great fun, and a great opportunity to buy Giant Killer Shark: The Musical's friendship.


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