July 07, 2006

Press! No, really! People care! ALREADY!

So, we open tonight. While I may be more than slightly dying of nervousness, there's some great, great things happening in the Giant Killer Shark camp. These great things are the following:

Chart Attack thinks we're great (and nothing like JAWS)!

Exclaim! Magazine thinks we're "genius"!

Rue Morgue Magazine thinks we're "F---in' hilarious"!

We were also featured in the Toronto Star yesterday (July 6th) as Richard Ouzounian's favourite title!

And, according to someone who watches eTalk Daily, we were talked about on last night's show (something to the effect of, "It has a rapping fisherman! How could it not be great?").

Plus, eye Magazine already doesn't like us! Some sarcastic comment in this week's edition about how "old" the whole "THE MUSICAL!" trend is. At least they're paying attention!

Can't wait to open tonight. And not die.


Blogger billwhish said...

Ok, I found the etalk video- he doesn't comment about a rapping fisherman (which he PROBABLY SHOULD have), but he does say it looks awesome based on the title alone...and he looks all pretentious and theatre-y so his opinion probably counts for something.

Here's the link, just find the "fringe festival" feature. The dude drops the name at the end of the clip.


2:50 p.m.  
Blogger sam. said...

Thanks dude! That's pretty rad. That's the same guy who said he liked us in the Star yesterday. I think I'm going to send him flowers.

4:26 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw your show tonight at the Fringe and my friend and I loved it! We'll be laughing for days. We're both going to take other friends to see you, too - you've definitely got a hit on your hands. All the performances were great - and you all have terrific voices. (The live performance is much better than the online soundtrack, though.) I'm glad your first night Toronto audience gave you the standing ovation you deserve. Absolutely excellent entertainment.


11:15 p.m.  
Blogger carter said...

BRILLIANT. HUMOROUS. If you enjoy being entertained and like to laugh "GIANT KILLER SHARK: THE MUSICAL" is a definite MUST-SEE (had me in tears)! Sam Sutherland's writing is pure genius, and the soundtrack (also by Sam) is fantastic! Hats off also to the play's Director, Amy Duncan - great job! The acting, singing and dancing is superb. The songs catchy and you'll find yourself toe-tapping along. We loved Graham Loseeā€™s ballet number -- way to go Graham! The simple props just hit the spot and lets you enjoy the cast that much more. I don't think we've seen the last of Graham Losee, Aaron Zorgel or Sam Sutherland. It was a full house opening night with people having to be turned away, so get there early. When word gets out about this hot play, it will be hard to get a seat. CHEERS to all the cast and crew behind the scenes as well since what goes on both behind and in front of those lights and action make this play come together successfully! Thanks for a great night of entertainment. This play far surpassed our expectations.

P.S. We feel its safe to go swimming again!

"Play it again Sam!"

... the Carters "CHEERS"

12:34 p.m.  

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