July 08, 2006

"The perfect Fringe experience"

"It was of my own volition that I went to see Giant Killer Shark: The Musical, and I am pleased to report that it lives up to its undeniably awesome title. It's pretty much the quintessential Fringe show: So ridiculous and slight that it wouldn't work in any other venue, but so thoroughly, joyfully entertaining that it's the perfect Fringe experience. Sam Sutherland, Graham Losee and Aaron Zorgel sound good and have a great time with some surprisingly inspired choreography. They own their goofiness proudly, and the audience loves them for how wholeheartedly they sell their silliness. Even my father, a self-described "crotchety old grump," had a blast, and if that's not a good review, than I don't know what is!" - Alison Broverman, National Post


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