February 19, 2006

We'll miss you, P-Dubs...

As you most likely know by now, Peter Benchley, a.k.a. "P-Dubs" to his closest friends (a.k.a. Me), passed away about a week ago, on February 12th. He will be missed, and we will dedicate every single one of our performances to his beautiful memory.

But actually, he was a totally sweet dude. Even though his book and the subsequent film have made it really hard for ichthyologists and marine conservationists to convince a fairly stupid public that sharks are not 100% pure concentrated evil and are worth protecting, Benchley himself was an active conservationist, particularly in his later years. So props to you, P-Dubs. This one's for you.

In musical-related news, all bed tracks are now completed, and vocal recording begins next week. Holla.

February 09, 2006

Directors + Demos

1. Giant Killer Shark: The Musical is now officially lucky enough to count Amy "Slam" Duncan as one of its most crucial / joyful participants. Having starred in the Fringe production of The Zoo-Keeper's Love Song last summer, she's back to direct this pending powerhouse of a musical. Amy is the real theatrical talent of this monstrosity, having done theatre-y things at York University and been on some weird Indian soap opera. She's amazing, and she will make this production amazing.

2. First demo! Currently, drums + acoustic guitars have been recorded for the proper versions of all the songs, but this is a decent-sounding rendition of the killer opening number, titled "Livin' On A Copyright-Protected Island". Imagine that all those voices are different people, not just me, and you might like it more.

February 07, 2006

The Magical World of Legitimacy!

I am proud, excited, and more than a little surprised to announce that Giant Killer Shark: The Musical has been selected to be one of 108 shows being produced as part of this year's Toronto Fringe Festival. Fringe selection is done by lottery, and from 497 entries, we somehow got picked, destroying a long-standing history I have of never winning anything, ever.

Suddenly a long weekend of drum / guitar tracking doesn't seem so long.

I'll be posting much more regular updates on this page now that it looks like it will actually serve a real purpose beyond personal amusement and gratification. So mark your calendars: July 5th to 16th, we're hitting the stage with a musical about a shark eating people.

Holy crap, I'm so happy.