October 14, 2008

The Homecoming!

We're going to New York! Like, now. Off-off Broadway! But seriously, tell all your cute friends: http://nymf.org/Show-925.html.

Then we're coming home! Famous-er.

But maybe not. There's an Entertainment Lawyer coming to see the show when we're gone. He's either going to a) laugh and smile, b) make us famous, or c) "serve" us just like in the movies. Which is why we're having one last (maybe) show in Toronto! October 18! 8pm!

There will be special guests (TBA soon). There will be a new-ish cast (which includes the dashing Timothy Clarke) and new creepy soundscapes. Also, there will be the birthday of Aaron "Crazy Old Fisherman" Zorgel, which means you should all come with enough money to buy him a Wii and a shot.

Seriously, it's his birthday. And the theatre has a bar. Getting belligerent is encouraged.

All this for TEN BUCKS.
At the Tranzac. 292 Brunswick Ave.
Tickets at the door, doors at 7:30.
Stuff at 8. Us at 9.