December 26, 2006

"Charmingly sloppy"!

According to James Simons at Eye, we're "charmingly sloppy"! I can't imagine a higher compliment. Check out the rag's year-end rundown of Toronto's best comedy of 2006 at, but basically just skip to the end to see our big, sexy shout-out. Radtacular!

December 20, 2006

New Shows!

We got into Brampton Indie Arts Festival and Winnipeg Fringe! We are lucky! We are beautiful! We are stoked as all hell! The line-up for the BIAF ( is killer, and Propagandhi are from Winnipeg (! We won't have details of our Fringe run until closer to the dates, but if you live in / near Manitoba, book off your life for July 18th - 29th. As for Brampton, our performance will take place February 17th at 6:20; check out their site for more details. All right.