April 19, 2006

"We totally sold out the scene!"

Little Against Me! Reference there for all the kids. So, many small news items! All exciting! All important!

1. We are now the proud parents of www.giantkillershark.com. Whoa! DOTCOMWOW. Right now, all that's there is... this. We'll let you know when it's a real, grown-up website.
2. Giant Killer Shark: The Musical is now officially award-winning! That's right, I (Sam) won an award for best audio production at Ryerson University's big self-congratulatory awards night last week. I have a small trophy to show for it! I promise that it will be on display for all to see come July.
3. The record is done, and tracks are no available for download online! Like, whoa!
So add us on MySpace! Be our inter-friends! More news coming soon...

April 09, 2006

First post from the director....

It's about time I suppose....Now that I have to knowledge and power to post on this beast of a blog, I would like to take this opportunity to let you all know just how wonderful this show is already shaping up to be. As if a musical about a giant killer shark wasn't great enough on it's own, we have somehow managed to round up just about the greatest cast and crew to back us, helping us draw ever-nearer to what the kids call a "powerhouse production".
Sam has just finished mastering the soundtrack (as he mentioned) and everything that I've heard sounds unbelievable. I feel as though it is ok for me to brag about the music, as I had nothing to do with it. This cd is awesome, truly...

And now please allow me to introduce the GKS team:

Samuel Sutherland = Actor; Hippie Scientist (he is also responsible for some such business as the script, music, and all co-production duties)

Graham Losee = Actor; Grizzled New York City Cop (also responsible for laying down some "phat-beats" in the form of bass-tracks on the much anticipated soundrtrack).

Aaron Zorgel= Actor; Crazy Old Fisherman (also all-round good guy, he should be your friend if he isn't already).

Ashley Carter= Stage Manager (also lists her occupation as being "your new favourite person").

Amy Duncan= Director and Co-producer.

We also already have full support of so many wonderful people that will all be thanked again and again in due time.

That's about it for now, keep checking in for more updates.

It's been too long...

... since this puppy was updated. Why the long wait? Because I've been trying to finish recording this baby. And guess what? It's done. The only question now is, how good is it? Only God knows. God, and Judas. He's alright.

Things are picking up, though, and you can expect many more fun goodies to come in the very near future. We actually created a musical version of J---. That blows my mind, like... every day.