July 12, 2006

Held over. No, really.

Okay. So... Giant Killer Shark: The Musical (our musical) is being held over for four (FOUR) additional shows at the beautiful (and way, way bigger) Diesel Playhouse as part of their "Best of the Fringe" programming. Yeah. We know. The theatre has a seating capacity of 400, and tickets will be $15. Sure, it's $5 more than our current run of shows (which you should still come see), but here is what those extra $5 will get you, and why you should come again / for the first time:

1. Graham Losee, who is "gifted in physical comedy and dance" according to a poster on Eye's Fringe page, will have a bigger stage to dance on. He dances like a king. No, really. Ask anyone who's seen the show.
2. Aaron Zorgel will have more room to do that sheet dance he does. If you haven't seen it yet... You probably should.
3. Sam Sutherland (myself) will be very handsome. Always.

Why is this all happening? WHO KNOWS. We've had wonderfully supportive audience for our first three shows (three standing ovations and two sell outs!), and we can only hope the rest of our run at the Helen Gardiner goes as well. Word on the street is we got some love on CBC Television earlier this week, and Marichka Melnyk dropped our name yesterday on CBC Radio's Here and Now. So thank you, CBC! I'm glad I'm paying you.

So, this whole Diesel thing! Eight shows in total are being held over, including us, Swiss Family Guy Robinson, and Real Time. The rest are all TBC. And now... Details!

Wednesday July 19, 7pm; Thursday July 20, 9pm; Friday July 21, 7pm; Saturday July 22, 9pm

416.971.5656 or www.dieselplayhouse.com for advance tickets.

Holy crap.


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