July 14, 2006

A note about tickets

Buy them! Ha? We all felt pretty bad last night when a whole whack of our friends / some attractive strangers got turned away from the show 'cause we somehow sold out in about five or ten minutes. This is rad. But it means that, if you can, you should try and buy tickets in advance (half are available up to three hours before the show), or show up early? I guess? This is a very cool problem to have but I feel like a jerk when people get turned away. Word!


Blogger Tiara said...


2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey guys. I just saw your show tonight and it was absolutely awesome. i've already a) sat down and watched jaws again, b) arranged to re-watch jaws with a bunch of my friends, so that they could all c) come check out the show when you guys do it at diesel. seriously stunning work guys, and see you soon (with truckloads of friends in tow)!


PS - Hope your leg feels better dude!


2:22 AM  

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